What We Do…

Bitmap Soft was established in 2019 as a software house for publishing new and unreleased games for retro computers and consoles. Run by a team of avid retro fans that love all that the retro scene has to offer, both run external retro sites and after many months debating about us publishing games, the Bitmap Soft idea was born.

All sales are split after costs between the developer and ourselves, all our sales money will be re-invested back into the software house to increase our output and hopefully be able to publish games for other systems.

We currently support the Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC 464 and the Spectrum 48k/128k machines but we do aim to publish games for other systems.

If you’ve written a game, hold the rights to a classic game that you created back in the day, or perhaps you’re thinking of writing one, then maybe we can help you out. After all – you’ve got nothing to lose, as we will take on all the risk plus you keep hold of the rights to the game.

Want to contact us?   Email us here, or contact us via Twitter.