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Developer: MHZ Games
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: Gameboy – (Compatible with GBC/GBA)
Media: Cartridge

Bitmap Soft is pleased to announce our latest Gameboy game, Athletic World, developed by two brothers under the name MHZ Games.


Physical and Digital Editions Available


Rom and Instructions


Professionally Created Box
Game on Cartridge
Full Colour Manual
Sticker Sheet


A boy and a girl are bored playing a ball game when a cat and a dog show up out of nowhere and they all go on an exciting new adventure in Athletic World.

Athletic World is a platform game like no other on the Gameboy. It will test your skills across 10 stages consisting of 10 events. Each event has different obstacles the player must overcome to advance to the next challenge.

About the Developer

MHZ Games consists of two brothers who’s hobby for playing games has extended to making them. One specialized in making video game music and the other in programming. With these two ingredients we can develop retro games for people to enjoy. All our development is done in our free time and we are glad to have made an actual Gameboy game to play on real hardware.


M.Z. (Music and sounds)
H.Z. (Programming)
DrawFriend(ES) – Illustrations for Box and Manual
Darren Doyle – Box and Manual Design
Jamie Battison – Project Lead
GBDK / ZGB Team (for the devkit to program Gameboy games)

Athletic World Presspack