Coming Soon: Brookwood Pocket Tactics – GBC

Developer: Werebear Games – Jared Chansen
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: GBC – (Compatible with GB/GBA/SGB)
Media: Cartridge

Inspired by Redwall, WarCraft, and the tactics genre, Brookwood: Pocket Tactics is a tiny tactics game for the Game Boy Color. Built with the Forgotten Engine by nowheresoft, (and GB Studio), it is a game about managing your troops in a battle of medival animals. Play as one of four factions (the Khalifa of Rodents, the Sultanate of Cats, the Eashir of Birds, and the Hashd’n of Lizards) in an Islamic-inspired world.

Brookwood was originally prototyped for the GB Studio Game Jam 2021, and you can play that janky, buggy demo still. However, this game is currently in active development to be revamped and updated for a release sometime in late 2023.