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Doc Cosmos – Gameboy Colour

(18 customer reviews)


Developer: Simon Jameson
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: Gameboy Colour
Media: Cartridge

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Bitmap Soft proudly presents Doc Cosmos for the Gameboy Colour.

This game is brought to you in conjunction with Simon Jameson.

Doc Cosmos is compatible with the Gameboy Colour ONLY!

Physical and Digital Versions available Now!

(Digital Version free with all Physical purchases)



The Game in Action

Included in the package

  • A professionally created glossy box, based on the original box template.
  • Game Cartridge
  • Manual
  • Stickers



In his lifelong search for a powerful ancient alien device, after many decades of research and exploring the galaxy, Doc Cosmos eventually came into possession of a map pointing to a planet just a few light-years from Earth. After deciphering the alien language on the map, it seemed to indicate that the powerful time travel device was contained in an outpost that the alien race had deserted many years ago.

If Doc could get his hands on this device his life’s work would be complete, not only that he’d be the only person in the known galaxy with the ability to time travel, something that would undoubtedly bring him all the wealth he could desire. He could retire at long last!

We join Doc Cosmos on his search for the alien time travel device as he arrives at the abandoned alien outpost on the planet. But watch out scans have indicated that the outpost has been overrun with dangerous alien wildlife.


How to Play

Explore the outpost, find the device and return it to the rocket to start your retirement as a very rich man! Watch out for spikes and water, Doc can’t swim (it’s a long story!) and he’s not fond of becoming a human kebab!

Along the way, you will find colored keys that will unlock doors to help Doc progress. You can carry three keys at a time, one of each color, red, green, and blue. Each colored key will open one door of the same color before being consumed.

Once Doc finds the time travel device, he will be able to shift timelines between the present-day and 1989. The device consumes power and can be used three times before requiring a recharge at the terminals found throughout the outpost.

In the “present” timeline, Doc will be able to jump with a lot of control, allowing Doc to be controlled in mid-air. In the “past” timeline, however, Doc will look and control differently, being able to jump less high but slightly further forward and with no additional mid-air control, much like early video games. Additionally, some map elements are only present in one timeline and not the other, switch timelines to discover hidden ladders, bridges, and other things to help you get through the map.

All of the planet’s wildlife is deadly and must be avoided at all costs. Doc has no way to kill the creatures he comes across but can manipulate the timelines to trap them in map scenery in some cases.



Designer/Coder: Simon Jameson

Music: Ollie Doughty

Cover Art: Simon Phipps

Additional Artwork: Darren Doyle

Production: Jamie Battison


Media Pack

We have supplied a Doc_Cosmos_Media_Pack, this contains all the info and imagery for Doc Cosmos.


Additional information

Doc Cosmos

Physical Edition, Digital Edition

18 reviews for Doc Cosmos – Gameboy Colour

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Based on 18 reviews
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  1. Francisco Balbino Fernandez Alonso (verified owner)

    Very happy with the purchase, I only saw one drawback and it was that it does not come with the hard plastic sleeve that always accompanied each game boy cartridge. everything else perfect.

  2. Kai Herrmann (verified owner)

    Ich finde es sehr schön, daß es leutegibt dieso alte console mit neuen Spielen versorgen. Das unterstützt ich auch gern. Zum Spiel solider spielspaß, interessanter Ansatz mit switcher zwischen 2 Welten. Es könnte ein bisschen länger sein. Sehr schönes spiel

  3. Jordi (verified owner)

    I would have liked a game protector box for this game as well, same as Tales of Monsterland

  4. Robert (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed. Brings back memories of games in the 90’s

  5. Valentina Hinojosa (verified owner)

    A bit of a toughie (thank God for save states and rewind) but a very nice looking and sounding game! The lack of SFX is pretty noted but I still enjoyed my playthrough.

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