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Ewe Woz Ere – Deluxe Edition – C64

(6 customer reviews)


Developer: Design/Chaos
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: C64
Media: Cartridge

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Bitmap Soft has once again teamed up with Design Chaos, from Freaky Fish to Ewe Woz Ere, you won’t be disappointed in our latest release.

This superb Deluxe Edition – C64 Cartridge is presented in a professionally produced box.

Contains the following items:

Professionally produced Bigbox

Ewe Woz Ere game on Cartridge.

Instruction manual.


Glossy A4 single-sided poster.

*Digital Download will be made available to those that purchase the game once it has shipped in order to protect the ROM*


Baaary: Mutton Commando is a cyborg sheep from a distant future who must ensure the safety of mutton-kind by defending the fields from an invasion of Traazkists led by the evil combat lizard, Traazk. Armed with a basic plasma spitter, Baaary is teleported into fields on various planets where he must destroy Traazkists and collect charges to prime the gateway and clear the level.

Firing your plasma spitter, moving and colliding with meanies will consume energy. Standing still or shooting a meanie allows Baaary to regain energy. The more energy Baaary has, the faster he will move and the score awarded for eliminating a meanie will be higher.

  • If his energy gets too high, Baaary will burn out.
  • If his energy drops too low, Baaary will run out of power.

Burning out, running out of power, falling down one of the many holes of doom or jumping into orbit will end the game.

The goal of each level is to open a gateway by collecting charges which are dropped by the aliens when they are destroyed. When enough charges have been collected, as seen by the charge bar in the status display, it will open somewhere on the level. The gateway remains open for a limited amount of time before closing again. Baaary must find it and pass through to destroy all of the aliens and exit the level before the timer expires. The time to find the gateway is short but can be increased by collecting time bonuses. If the gateway closes, it must be re-opened by collecting all of the charges again.

Ewe Woz Ere a DESIGN/CHAOS Game.
Chris Page – Design, programming, sound effects and additional graphics
Brent Page – Graphics, music and additional sound effects
Rose Page – Additional sprites
Ric Lumb – Illustration
Richard Büffing – Cartridge PCB Production
Darren Doyle – Box Art and Manual
Jamie Battison – Project Lead

Thanks to – Andrew Fisher, Rob O’Hara, Bieno Braitmeyer,
Vinny Mainolfi and Kevin Tilley

Copyright © 2021 Design/Chaos Pty Ltd.
Published in 2021 by Bitmap Soft.

6 reviews for Ewe Woz Ere – Deluxe Edition – C64

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  1. John C. (verified owner)

    Excellent, highly recommended.

  2. Alexander Klock (verified owner)

    Funny, well crafted game in a very beautiful box. Please more of that stuff! 🙂

  3. Bieno (verified owner)

    Super addictive game in a wonderful package !!!!

  4. Marco Cappellari (verified owner)

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The TAX is verry HIGH

  6. chaniyth (verified owner)

    Very fun and addictive game with wonderful graphics and sound. Very professional and overall complete packaging of very high quality.

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