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Freaky Fish – Deluxe Edition – C64 Cartridge

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Developer: Design/Chaos
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: C64
Media: Cartridge

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This superb Deluxe Edition – C64 Cartridge is presented in a professionally produced box.

Contains the following items:

Professionally produced A5 sized box

Freaky Fish game on Cartridge.

Instruction manual.


Glossy A4 single-sided poster.



Skeeter the fisherman has found a large stash of dynamite in his Uncle Cletus’s shed and has decided to use it for his new hobby of “blast fishing”, which involves using explosives to stun the fish in the lake for easy collection.

The local fish are not happy with Skeeters destructive new hobby and so Jacques le Shark, a rarely seen fish with the ability to blow giant bubbles has come out of retirement to deal with the problem…

Completing a level will reward you with a code that can be entered on the title screen to start at the next level the next time you play.

Playing Freaky Fish

Capture the dynamite by blowing a bubble at it or swimming into the dynamite whilst holding a bubble. Release the bubble to send it to the surface, aiming at the boat if possible, but make sure to be careful of the other fish.

Don’t hold on to the dynamite for long as the fuses can be unstable, particularly near the surface.

If all the other fish in the lake are stunned by dynamite, the game will end.


For each bubble containing dynamite that Jacques sends to the surface his score will increase by 10 points. If Jacques hits Skeeters boat with the dynamite his score will increase by 50 points and Skeeter will lose energy. When Skeeter loses all of his energy he will abandon the boat as it sinks to the bottom. Jacques will receive an energy boost and bonus points for each fish that has been saved.

Winning Freaky Fish
Jacques will lose energy each time he is caught in an explosion; if he loses all of his energy then the game will end.
After certain levels, Skeeter will switch to his alternate hobby of throwing energy drinks into the sea. Each collected will increase your score:
Red = 100 points
Purple (rare) = 200 points
Green (extra rare) = 500 points
Poison will end the bonus round.
If Jacques can collect the required number of cans within the time limit, he will receive a 100 percent energy boost.
Survive all 30 levels to complete the game.

Chris Page: Design, programming, sound effects, and additional graphics
Brent Page: Graphics, music, and additional sound effects
Coverart: Ric Lumb
Box/Inlay Design: Darren Doyle
Cartridge PCB Production: Richard Büffing

Thanks to:
Vinny Mainolfi: Testing and additional suggestions, Bieno Braitmaier: Testing and quality assurance, Rose Page: Testing and additional suggestions
Kevin Tilley: Testing, Krill: For making the disk loader, Martin Piper: For making the tape loader, Mads Nielsen: For making Kick Assembler, Subchrist Software: For making Charpad Pro, Magnus Lind: For making Exomizer, Tamieka Page: Support and patience, Sara Mae Page: Support and for naming Jacques

Copyright © 2020 Design/Chaos Pty Ltd.
Published in 2021 by Bitmap Soft.

2 reviews for Freaky Fish – Deluxe Edition – C64 Cartridge

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  1. Mat A. (verified owner)

    A fun twitch game that just about doesn’t outstay its welcome.

  2. Alexander Klock (verified owner)

    Great, and the box is bigger than I expected! Good Job!

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