Fungus II – Exclusive Release

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Developer: Karl Hörnell
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: C64
Media: Tape


Fungus 2 is a previously unreleased sequel to the original Fungus game released by Players Software in 1986. Karl Hörnell and Bitmap Soft have worked together to bring you this exclusive and official release. The game is readily available free online and this version is only enhanced for Tape release.

The game is an arcade style game represented in an elevated 2.5-dimensional graphical perspective.

Along with the ability to move left or right across the landscape, you can also move up and down the screen as well as jump up onto ledges and over gaps. To complete each level, you need to collect all the mushrooms and return back to your starting point within a given amount of time.

Along the way, Fungus can pick up bonus bricks to increase the score points and use teleporters to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Unlike in his first adventure, Fungus has prepared himself with a pistol to help him see off some of the more difficult creatures that he cannot avoid. If Fungus comes in contact with a creature or falls off the island into water or down a chasm, then he loses one of his three lives and respawns back at the starting point.



Fungus lives a simple life on his peaceful floating island out in space. He loves to eat mushrooms (in fact it’s the only food he eats) but these only grow on other nearby islands populated by inhabitants who don’t look upon visitors to kindly.

Take control of Fungus as he navigates his way across 4 different islands collecting mushrooms while avoiding dangerous creatures, obstacles and hazards. But don’t take your time while doing so as you must collect all mushrooms and return to your starting point before the timer runs out.



Coding, Level Design, Graphics and Sound Effects: Karl Hörnell

Music Score: Johan Vessby

Cover Art Illustration: Jonathan Temples

Additional Designs: Darren Doyle

Tape Testing: Guy Black

Special Thanks to: Louie Dimovski

Finally a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Frank Gasking from Games that Weren’t for getting us in touch with Karl.

5 reviews for Fungus II – Exclusive Release

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  1. Bieno (verified owner)

    Fun second part of a classic

  2. Jari (verified owner)

    Pure epicness to have this previously unreleased gem finally out in a form it deserves! While difficult to get to grips with, it’s one of the best Karl Hörnell games ever, and could have been a good classic era arcade-type release. Well worth the £7.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Jakob Kjøller (verified owner)

  5. chaniyth (verified owner)

    Fun game, good graphics and nice soundtrack. Very professional packaging that seriously looks and feels as if gone back in time and purchased from the shops.

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