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Coming Soon: Glory Hunters


Developer: 2think Design Studio – César Arminio
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: GB – (Compatible with GBC/GBA/SGB)
Media: Cartridge

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“Glory Hunters: A New Adventure RPG for the Gameboy”

Glory Hunters was originally funded through Kickstarter, once those wonderful people have their games in hand we will release a store version of this amazing game, watch out for December 2023!

Embark on a grand journey in “Glory Hunters,” an innovative action-adventure RPG designed exclusively for the original Gameboy console. Your progress in this captivating world is fueled by the acquisition of coveted achievement points, known as “glory points.”

Glory points reign supreme as the primary currency within this realm, serving as the key to unlocking uncharted paths and advancing your epic adventure. Engage in various noble undertakings to earn these prestigious glory points—whether it’s gathering valuable materials, selflessly assisting the local townsfolk with their myriad quests, or bravely venturing into the treacherous dungeons and caves to confront a plethora of menacing mobs.

Ever heard of the elusive achievement combo? “Glory Hunters” introduces an intriguing concept where numerous in-game activities synergize to form powerful achievement combinations. Harness this unique feature to masterfully acquire glory points while farming materials and accomplishing extraordinary feats.

Navigate this enchanting realm with the freedom to choose your own path, discovering distinct zones brimming with engaging minigames, formidable adversaries, and eccentric characters. Your destiny is entirely in your hands.

Empower your character with upgrades to your health, amass an arsenal of valuable items, and even enlist the aid of skilled companions to enhance your heroic journey. The strategic allocation of glory points allows you to craft a personalized gaming experience.

But exercise caution when expending your hard-earned glory points, for the pursuit of the next achievement may become an increasingly formidable challenge. Prudent choices are the hallmark of a true adventurer.

Embark on a valiant quest to save this realm from impending darkness by awakening one of four benevolent gods and purging the land of the loathsome monsters concealed in the shadows.

Become a renowned glory hunter and always remember: pain is but a fleeting moment, while the glory you attain shall endure for eternity!





Open World. Choose your own path.

Over 200 achievements, you are free to search and hunt the ones you like to progress in the story.

Custom graphics.

Original soundtrack.

FRAM to save and continue your adventure.


Story, code, art and design: César Arminio

Music: Rodrigo Núñez


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