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Last Train to Tranz-Central

(2 customer reviews)


Developer: Quantum Sheep
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: ZX Spectrum
Media: Tape

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Welcome to Last Train to Tranz-Central, a two-part run ‘n’ gun adventure for the beloved ZX Spectrum! 😀

Part I (Side A): All aboard the Space Train!

In the Wild West frontier of the future, Space Trains race across the stars, piloted by powerful next-gen Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) with a whopping 48k of memory each. I know!

Tech this advanced always goes wrong (right?). Following a hook-up with incompatible peripherals at a remote space (train) station, the A.I.s have become corrupted and sent several Space Trains on a crash course with populated planets! It’s up to Maurice, The Space Cowboy, to reach the rogue A.I. in each train’s engine room before the outposts become a crater the size of Nebraska…

Each train is now the last train… unless you succeed!

Part II (Side B): The return of the Space Cowboy

Tranz-Central is saved! But small splinters of code have infected four more trains, heading towards brand new targets. New and old enemies are on board to stop anyone interfering. But the Space Cowboy has returned, leaping from train to train, striving to put right what might go wrong. Hoping each time that the next train will be the train home…


* A two-part Run ‘n’ Gun game for the ZX Spectrum

* 64 levels in total across 8 unique Space Trains (each part has 32 levels, spread across 4 trains)

* 8 Rogue AI bosses to defeat or escape from.

* 128k versions feature cosmic music by Yerzmyey

* Multiple enemies – some you can shoot, some you can’t, all will kill you /o\

* Keys: QAOP and Space – can be redefined

* Kempston Joystick Support

* Each part has its own loading screen/presentation/music

* Colour clash! \o/

* Made with Multi-Platform Arcade Game Designer (MPAGD) by Jonathan Cauldwell

Concept, Code & Graphics: Quantum Sheep
Music: Yerzmyey
Tape Testing: Guy Black
Cover Art: Ric Lumb
Additional Cover Work: Darren Doyle
Game Production: Jamie Battison
Special Thanks: Jonathan Cauldwell, Sebastian Braunert, Jake May, Adrian Warner, Ben and Craig Stevenson, Mr. Tom, Psychic Parrot, Super Retroid, Blerkotron, Damien G, Bruce Groves, Kees Van Oss, Gnomeslair, Guy Black, and YOU! 🙂

2 reviews for Last Train to Tranz-Central

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  1. Justin (verified owner)

    Great game very addictive awesome package artwork is great as always with these guys at bitsoft

  2. loungelizard (verified owner)

    Really fun little game, different enough from the typical platformer and difficulty curve good also, gets quite tough as you progress.

    I find the music a bit repetitive so play it in 48k mode. Great work on this game.

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