Millie and Molly – Tape – Out Now!


Developer: Below the Tower – Carleton Handley
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: C64
Media: Tape

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Can you help Millie and Molly defeat the malicious monsters? Climb, push and dig your way through 100 levels, using your wits and rewind power to clear each unique course. Featuring charming graphics across five themed areas, eight specially composed SID tunes and ingenious level design from industry veterans, Millie and Molly bring a fresh puzzle adventure to a classic computer. PLUS, create your own cunning courses using the bonus level editor!


Code: Carleton Handley

Puzzle Design: Chun Wah Kong, Patsy Chim

Graphics: Saul Cross

Music: Hans Axelsson-Svala

Cover Art Illustrations: Flemming Dupont

Loading Screen: Steve Day

QA: @tonik_c64

Additional packaging design:  Darren Doyle

Production and Testing: Jamie Battison

Tape Testing: Richard Farrell

Special Thanks: Dan Tootill, Shaun French, The Kick Assembler Team