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Mr Hair & the Fly


Developer: Micro Chops
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: ZX Spectrum
Media: Tape

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For generations, there have been many failed attempts to recover the magical Chalice that was stolen from your once happy and prosperous world.

Now guarded by an ancient alien race, it’s up to you to take back what is yours, restoring peace and harmony once again!

As the hero in Mr Hair’s latest adventure, you must bravely journey through this treacherous world, searching for the stolen energy cells that provide power to the Kingdoms key chambers to release the Chalice.

Not everything is as it appears in this alien landscape, you must be cunning, you must be determined and you must even be willing to transform yourself into THE FLY to be able to reach the unreachable.

You are the last hope to bring back the magical chalice and save your world before it’s too late.



An Original Game, Coding, Design & Graphics by Lee Chops Stevenson

Loading Screen by Andy Green

128k Spectrum Music by Pedro Pimenta

Cover Art by Simon Phipps


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