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Powerball – Gameboy Color


Developer: Ruben Retro
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: GBC – (Compatible with GB/GBA/SGB)
Media: Cartridge

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Bitmap Soft proudly presents Power Ball – Monsters Quest for the Gameboy Colour.

This game is brought to you in conjunction with Ruben Retro.

Power Ball is compatible with the Gameboy, GBC, GBA and Super GB!

Physical and Digital Versions available Now!

(Digital Version free with all Physical purchases)

Available Now!

Included in the package

  • A professionally created glossy box, based on the original box template.
  • Game Cartridge with a Blue Shell – (Limited to first 50 Sales)
  • Manual
  • Stickers


In a distant time, a modest young man and a princess found themselves deeply in love. Their de-sire to wed was strong, but the King vehemently opposed their union. In response, he employed a magical incantation that metamorphosed the young man into a fearsome creature.

The unfortunate princess was then secluded within the castle, where she was compelled to arrange a marriage of convenience with a wealthy prince. Preparations for this arranged marriage were swiftly progressing. Time was of the essence!
The lone hope for the young man, now a monstrous being, to reclaim his beloved princess rested in a challenge – to vanquish the King by participating in a high-stakes event known as the Power-Ball, thus demonstrating his true worth.
In the face of the King’s malevolent scheming, can love emerge victorious?


Game and Art Director: Ruben Retro
Art: Aina
Music and SFX: Beatscribe
Coding: RubenRetro
Box Art: Cubopop

Special thanks to Chris Maltby and all GB Studio Team for creating such great engine  which has allowed me to fulfil my dream of creating video games.

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Physical Edition, Digital Edition


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