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Developer: World XXI Soft
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: ZX Spectrum 128K
Media: Tape

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It’s Earth year 2992. Humankind is one of two factions battling for control of the multiverse.

After a long time of peace throughout the Universe, the enemy faction, led by Prince Kalkux, have developed faster and more powerful spaceships, allowing them to start achieving important victories.

The human race has started to lose faith in their survival. Ships with artificial intelligence were not clever enough to handle new enemy ships. Remote flight via quantum entanglement was not reliable in other universes.

On the brink of despair, humans develop a new and faster ship, the “REDSHIFT” class, with a key innovation: a human pilot would be physically present in the ship.

Your mission is to take control of Redshift to expel the enemy from key galaxies and universes.


Concept, Code and Graphics: Ariel Ruiz
Music: Richard “Kulor” Armijo
Music engine and Vortex Tracker II (c) Sergey Bulba
Cover Illustration: John Blythe
Box Design: Darren Doyle

ZX7 Compression: Einar Saukas
Testing and additional support: Soren Bertelsen, Velesoft and Vladimir Kochetkov, Richard Farrell, Guy Black

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