Ruby & Rusty – Save the Crows


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Developer: Max Oakland
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: GBC
Media: Cartridge

Bitmap Soft in association with Max Oakland are delighted to present an absolutely stunning release of Ruby & Rusty – Save the Crows.


Professionally Created Box
Game on Cartridge
Red Coloured Shell
Full Colour Manual
Sticker Sheet – (Limited to first 100)
OST Album on CD – (Limited to first 100)


One Halloween, Ma and Pa put a goofy witch costume on the scarecrow. Unfortunately, that turned the scarecrow into an evil monster who took the job of scaring crows way too far.

Ruby and Rusty are two vegetables that grew into children and they’ve been friends with the crows for a long time. They’re not going to let the scarecrow get away with it! So they decided to go around the farm and find all the crows to make them feel better. And hopefully defeat the evil scarecrow at the same time, or at least give  it its old clothes back


  • It’s using a modified version of the Wink Engine with new graphics, sounds, and many new enemy behaviors
  • You can play this on a Gameboy Color and the original Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, and Light

Ruby & Rusty Presspack

**All artwork is subject to change**