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RVG Blast – Atari 2600

Bitmap Soft is proud to offer our first published game as a free product, courtesy of Jason Santuci and originally created for our parent website Retro Video Gamer, it seemed only right that RVG Blast became the FIRST Bitmap Soft game to be released. Please see the description below for full details on the game.

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You are in control of the Roving Verteron Gunstar (or Retro Video Gamer, whichever you prefer the RVG to be) as you travel through space, exploring the galaxy and searching for new life. Sensors indicate an intricate structure ahead with a peculiar energy signature at the opposite end. This tunnel-like structure is huge and the RVG can easily travel within it so you plunge inside to learn more about the strange energy signature. Once inside you find yourself trapped by the aliens within! You must now blast your way through in order to escape. Can you survive the space tornados, the aliens, and their deadly energy blasts?

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