Siemb Chronicles: Arkos the Traitor


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Developer: ESP Soft
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: Amstrad CPC
Media: Tape

Bitmap Soft in association with ESP Soft proudly presents Siemb Chronicles: Arkos the Traitor. This is the sequel to Galactic Tomb that we also released back in 2019.


Caberhi Tram, elite commander of Emperor Shakar’s military forces, is a legend in the Ururben galaxy. Though he had served the evil intergalactic ruler, his adventures across countless worlds have made him a hero of the downtrodden. Following his legendary mission to seek out the three galactic tombs that resulted in the end of the empire. Tram’s adventures are told in stories all throughout the galaxy – a series of adventures that are documented in the “Chronicles of Siemb”,

One of these adventures took our hero to Siemb, a domain beyond Alpha Centauri, where Empire Govenor Gremla ruled with an iron fist over five confederations of planets. The Govenor’s lieutenant, Arkos, had turned against the Empire by destroying Gremla’s palace and weakening his government on the Imperial Palace planet Sckunn. Following his disloyal deed, Arkos flew to a raw material production facility on Hypsis where he reprogrammed all the work robots and security terminators of its defence facilities for his own protection.

Loyal to his Emperor, Cabers Tram understood that his treacherous actions could not go unpunished and set out to breach the Hypsis defence system to find Arkos and finish him off.


The adventure consists of two distinct phases, each in separate loads.

The first phase comprises of three different stages. You start off by approaching the facilities complex and production centre of the overthrown government of Gremla – a hostile place plagued by Orcs and other creatures native to the area. You will find drums that store various materials that can help you in your mission, such as bombs or energy-limiting booster cells for your weapon. Take care though as some drums can hide lethal mines that will kill you if you brush against them. After crossing the dangerous caves of the subway waterfalls you will reach the forced labor area of the complex’s subway. Chase Arkos to the end and finish him off. It won’t be easy, technology is on his side and he has deadly weaponry and rebuilt and reprogrammed combat droids.

The second phase of the game starts in the notorious Imperial development facility. Your goal is to escape from the facility and reach the ship that will allow you to escape from the planet. Beware. Although it was throughout that Arkos wiped out the giant orc that inhabited the area, a mutant evolution of a Clone Garklas has been spotted in the area and is not known to tolerate visitors.


Code: Artaburu
Graphics: Sad1942
Menu & Game Music: McKlain
Story/Script: Litos
Cover Illustration: Jesús Martínez del Vas (JMV)
Additional ideas: MiguelSky
Game Testing: JGonza, Chemamstrad, and BlackMores
Cassette Testing: Guy Black
Tape Cassette Cover Design: Darren Doyle


targhan/Arkos for Arkos Tracker 2
metalbrain/Antonio Villena for Unexo
Einar Saukas, metalbrain and Antonio Villena for zx7
CNGSoft for miniload.