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Coming Soon: Sofia the Witch – GBC

Developer: Jake Macher
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: GBC – (Compatible with GB/GBA/SGB)
Media: Cartridge

SKU: BS068 Category: Product ID: 6504



Sofia the Witch: Curse of the Monster Moon for Gameboy Color.

Every 500 years the stars align with the lunar eclipse creating the fabled Monster Moon. This moon curses the land turning the animals into MONSTERS.

It’s up to you save all your friends and remove the curse.

There is a demo allows you to play all levels in the Forest Land, and the first level of the other 3 lands. There are also 3 hidden mini games accessible, 2 bonus flying games and one fishing game. The fishing game is still a rough work in progress.

However, this game is currently in active development to be revamped and updated for a release sometime in late 2023.

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