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Sophia – ZX Spectrum 128K Only


Developer: Alessandro Grussu
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: ZX Spectrum
Media: Tape

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The Empire is in danger. A mysterious evil wizard called Yojar has occupied three major regions of it and placed there his tokens of power, in the form of large skulls. Since magic can only be defeated by magic, the Emperor asks the mighty Inner Circle of the small territory of Xixerella for their help. A young sorceress, Sophia, volounteers for the dangerous mission.

In the first three game zones, you must guide Sophia to find the four skulls and throw them, each one at a time, in a magic cauldron to destroy them. In order to proceed, you need to open some magic doors bearing the symbol of a geometrical shape. The door will disappear when Sophia carries an amulet of the same shape of that symbol.

Against Yojar’s minions she can throw projectiles of light and dark mana, but some enemies will be unaffected by a certain shot, other might even be transformed into two other ones. It is up to you to discover their effects! Sophia can also cast a defensive spell – the Shield – which will make her invulnerable for a short time. Magic is activated through mana; you receive a raw mana point each time you destroy an enemy, and in the Wizard Guild’s Hut you can exchange it for shots, a Shield or an extra life. After liberating the third zone, Sophia can enter Yojar’s dimension. Here the atmosphere is saturated with mana, so you won’t have to worry about running out of it. Your task here will be to find Yojar and defeat him.

Side B Bonus level: This edition features an exclusive bonus level. Your task, as in the main game, will be to find the four skulls and destroy them.


Game Design: Alessandro Grussu

Cover Art: Ric Lumb

Additional Art: Darren Doyle