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Super Hair – Out Now!


Developer: Micro Chops
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Media: Tape

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Bitmap Soft is proud to bring you the third installment of Mr Hairs adventures, this time its Super Hair, again Simon Phipps has returned to do the artwork for the inlay and I think you will agree, its stunning.

The Story

Planet Hairtooine is under attack by the vile mutant Empire!

You are our only hope of obliterating this threat!

Good Luck, SuperHair!


An Original Game, Coding, Design & Graphics by Lee Chops Stevenson
Additional Code and 48K Beeper Music by Rich Hollins
128k AY Music by Pedro Pimenta
Loading, Congrates and GameOver Screens by Lobo
Story Screens by Andy Green
Cover art by Simon Phipps