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Timo’s Castle – C64


Developer: Pixelbrei Games
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: C64
Media: Cartridge & 5,25″ Diskette

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** PRE-ORDER COMING 1ST MAY ** (Orders will start shipping by the end of June 2024)


  is proud to present Timo’s Castle in conjuction 
You are Timo McClane, the Scottish Prince of a noble house. Despite breaking with royal traditions, you reluctantly inherited a country estate with a small castle after your parents died under mysterious circumstances. Together with your girlfriend, Amber, you embark on the task of restoring the neglected castle. However, as you delve into the project, something feels amiss. Forgotten pains resurface, and it becomes apparent that the castle is cursed. To make matters worse, Amber has suddenly disappeared. Can you unravel the curse and rescue the love of your life?



  • Timo’s Castle is a single-screen platformer with 8 lovingly designed levels.
  • Collect all items on each level, then pick up the key to unlock the exit.
  • Discover many surprises, hidden bonuses, and nostalgic references to 70’s/80’s/90’s childhood.
  • Choose between Normal and Easy Mode for varied gameplay experiences.
  • Experience a fantastic end screen (not easy to reach) with its own dedicated music track.
  • High score list is saved to disk for competitive gaming sessions.
  • Enjoy an arcade feeling with 50Hz refresh rate and no loading times during gameplay (single load game).
  • In summary, Timo’s Castle is a love letter to early C64 gaming with today’s gameplay standards.


Timo’s Castle physical game release will come in two versions

 Special Edition Cartridge & Standard Edition Disk!


Timo’s Castle Game Cartridge
A5 Game Manual
USB Golden Key (Including media items, soundtrack, imagery, .d64 game etc)
Soundtrack Audio CD
A4 Poster
Sticker Sheet


Timo’s Castle Floppy Disk
A5 Game Manual
A4 Poster
Sticker Sheet.


Team Pixelbrei Games consists of the following members:

Timo Weingärtner / Producer & Design
Roman Werner / Lead Design, Graphics and Code
Ben Dibbert (Nordischsound) / Music, Sound Effects & Design

100% committed to deliver a high-quality gaming experience! Handcrafted with soul for your enjoyment.

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Timo's Castle

Special Edition Cartridge, Standard Edition Disk