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Xeno Brigade – ZX Spectrum NEXT


Developer: Greenman Soft
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: ZX Spectrum NEXT

Retro Video Gamer Review 7/10

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The Xeno hordes, long believed extinct have returned to ravage the galaxy once more. Disbanded after the great bio wars almost 25 years ago, the galactic government rapidly assembles brigades of veteran soldiers to take the war to the enemy. Equipped with the latest in high tech weaponry their task is to take the battle to the Xenomorphs, whatever the cost, they are our last chance.

Inspired by the classic ZX Spectrum turn based strategy games, Xeno Brigade is a one or two player strategy game for the Spectrum Next.

How to Play

Play takes place on one of six different maps. Once the characters are deployed, each side takes it in turns to move and attack. Each action takes a specific number of movement points, once a character’s points reach zero, they cannot perform any other actions that turn. The game is over once a one side has been wiped out, or the scenario objective is reached. Within each map are several objects which can help a player such as weapons, medical kits, key cards and scanning devices. The game can be played against the computer, or by two players taking turns.


  • Six unique scenarios and a tutorial level
  • 1 or 2 player games
  • DMA Sound
  • Joypad, Mouse and Keyboard control
  • 3 Difficulty levels


Design/Coding: Greenman Soft

Graphics: Greenman Soft

Cover Art: Ric Lumb

Thanks To

David Saphire: NextBuild Tools

Mike Cadwallader: Support and encouragement

Jose Rodriguez (Boriel): Compiler development

Ric Lumb: Title Screen art


Copyright 2020 Greenman Soft

Published in 2021 by Bitmap Soft.

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Xeno Brigade

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