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  1. Henrik S. (verified owner)

    good game, fun to play

    Tales of MonsterlandTales of Monsterland

  2. Rayner Daniel Pedersen (verified owner)

    Very nice game 🙂

    Droid - Definitive CollectionDroid – Definitive Collection

  3. David (verified owner)

    Definitely a Solid Game Cartridge and the case are frickin lit beautiful artwork and game design if your looking for a challenging game this is definitely something to get it’s awesome been grinding it out trying to beat it but bloody crap it’s hard

    Doc Cosmos - Gameboy ColourDoc Cosmos – Gameboy Colour

  4. Joseph (verified owner)

    The game is a fun blast from the past and plays well. I like the timeline switching and how each controls a little differently. It’s also just fun to have a new Gameboy game so long after the Gameboy was discontinued. The only real problem with the game is that there isn’t a way to save it unless you are playing on the rom version and use the emulator features to save.

    Doc Cosmos - Gameboy ColourDoc Cosmos – Gameboy Colour

  5. Ronald Hall (verified owner)