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  1. Mat A. (verified owner)

    A fun twitch game that just about doesn’t outstay its welcome.

    Freaky Fish - Deluxe Edition - C64 CartridgeFreaky Fish – Deluxe Edition – C64 Cartridge

  2. Marco Cappellari (verified owner)

  3. Anthony Underwood (verified owner)

  4. Scott Stephen (verified owner)

    Great 3d graphics and smooth gameplay. Very nice!

    Cosmic Payback - Enhanced Edition - Out Now!Cosmic Payback – Enhanced Edition – Out Now!

  5. Marco Das (verified owner)

  6. Paul Richardson (verified owner)

    Really great idea from the guys at bitmapsoft to help less fortunate.
    I’ve bought a few games now from here and have never been disappointed, this one is especially great

    Bitmap Soft Comp for CharityBitmap Soft Comp for Charity

  7. Robert Morrison (verified owner)

    This game is incredible. A “graphical tour de force” they’d have called it back in the Crash and Your Sinclair days. It’s really something special, but it’s not just eye-candy: the game plays so smoothly, and with a momentum and rhythm I’ve never seen in a Spectrum game before. The difficulty ramps up to a good challenge and it’s great fun and satisfying to play. Buy it now, play it, love it.

    Cosmic Payback - Enhanced Edition - Out Now!Cosmic Payback – Enhanced Edition – Out Now!

  8. Robert Morrison (verified owner)

    A finely-crafted bite-size metroidvania. A spooky ol’ castle with frighteningly unpredictable spiders and a crabit protagonist seething with anger. Excellent level design and some really nice graphical touches. Great fun.

    Savage PrincessSavage Princess

  9. Robert Morrison (verified owner)

    A very charming and enjoyable puzzle game, with intricately designed levels and compelling gameplay. You might think “oh, I’ll just pop Millie and Mollie on and do a couple of levels…”, but you’ll end up playing for hours!

    Millie and Molly - C64 TapeMillie and Molly – C64 Tape

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

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