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  1. Jordi (verified owner)

    I would have liked a game protector box for this game as well, same as Tales of Monsterland

    Doc Cosmos - Gameboy ColourDoc Cosmos – Gameboy Colour

  2. Jordi (verified owner)

  3. Jonathan Moore (verified owner)

    I’ve not received it after 2 weeks! And my emails have gone unanswered?

    Turbo Tomato – Deluxe Collectors EditionTurbo Tomato – Deluxe Collectors Edition

  4. Mathias (verified owner)

    Game is beautiful, nice sound track, a bit difficult but great. Brought back a lot of memories. How about making an adventure like Zelda or Seiken Densetsu? That would be so awesome.
    The packaging is also beautiful. I just miss two little things: a magnet to keep it closed and a something written on the “back” that it can be stored like a book.

    Tales of Monsterland - Dark EditionTales of Monsterland – Dark Edition

  5. Fabrizio Pedrazzini (verified owner)

    Still not delivered

    Tales of MonsterlandTales of Monsterland