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  1. Roberto (verified owner)

  2. Roberto (verified owner)

  3. Roberto (verified owner)

  4. Pablo Aguilar Ibarrondo (verified owner)

  5. Pablo Aguilar Ibarrondo (verified owner)

  6. Paulina (verified owner)

    Pretty Game Box 🙂 Lots of collectable goodies inside. Can’t wait for the next new game!! Keep em coming!!

    Golden Wing - Deluxe Collectors EditionGolden Wing – Deluxe Collectors Edition

  7. Anthony Underwood (verified owner)

    Another classy big box release. Superb contents with a great text adventure that keeps you hooked.

    Unhallowed C16 + Plus/4 + C64 Deluxe EditionUnhallowed C16 + Plus/4 + C64 Deluxe Edition

  8. Anthony Underwood (verified owner)

    This is one of my favourite releases from these Bitmasoft. A thoroughly addictive game with excellent graphics, music and effects.

    Gluf - ZX SpectrumGluf – ZX Spectrum

  9. Anthony Underwood (verified owner)

    The contents, box and software ooze quality. These big box release are superb. The game is very entertaining and addictive. Thankfully we actually owned a STe, after ordering I thought it was just an original ST.

    RandoMaZer - Deluxe Collectors Edition - Out Now!RandoMaZer – Deluxe Collectors Edition – Out Now!

  10. Justin Bennett (verified owner)

    Great platform puzzler that keeps you going back to it.
    Definitely recommend 👍

    Dirty Dozer - ZX SpectrumDirty Dozer – ZX Spectrum

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