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Rogue 64 – Deluxe Box Edition

(23 customer reviews)


Developer: Badger Punch Games
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: C64
Media: Cartridge

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Bitmap Soft has teamed up with Badger Punch Games once more, this time to release Rogue 64, a wonderful roguelike game for your C64.

This superb Deluxe Edition – C64 Cartridge is presented in a professionally produced box.

Contains the following items:

Professionally produced Bigbox

Rogue64 game on Cartridge.

Instruction manual.

Special Gifts


*Digital Download will be made available to those that purchase the game once you complete your order*

You are Zendar the Explorer, a grizzled and harried adventurer seeking fortune and glory within the dungeons of Mordecoom! The old myths whisper of a fabled artifact hidden deep within this most treacherous and hallowed of places, this darkest of dungeons filled with unspeakable horrors and gibbering terrors. Naturally, you must have it!!

The many evils lurking around every corner of this cube-like tentacle terror maze that you’ll be forced to visit pain and slayage upon are just an added bonus!

As the old song goes:

From battle I’ve come
And to battles I stride.

I sit in the shadow, before the dark gate,
I hone my dark blade, its bloodlust I’ll sate.

I quaff my last(ish) ale,
Muscle, bone, and steel prevail!

I rise with the moon and stride towards doom,
Onward and downward, to the depths of Mordecoom!

The game:

Rogue64 is a modern roguelike designed and developed for the Commodore 64. Every play of the game is a unique experience with procedurally generated levels. As you progress through the dungeon, you will meet ever-more challenging monsters and more monstrous challenges! Reach the end, however, and there are wondrous rewards to be claimed and vast fortunes to be made! On your harrowing journey through Mordecoom you will encounter a rich tapestry of terrifying monsters.


Programming: Ricki Sickenger
Graphics & Box Design: Henning Ludvigsen
Music and sound: Sami Louko
Cartridge PCB Production: Richard Buffing

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23 reviews for Rogue 64 – Deluxe Box Edition

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  1. John (verified owner)

    Excellent all round. Very happy.

  2. Flavio F. (verified owner)

    A piece of art! ????????

  3. Jakob Kjøller (verified owner)

    Best looking deluxe collectors box ever ?

  4. Thilo-W. Finger (verified owner)

    Wonderful Package and a great, rogue Game!

  5. Oliver (verified owner)

    terrific game, and the box/packaging are super quality

  6. Marco Cappellari (verified owner)

    very good

  7. Björn-Lars F. (verified owner)

    I’ve been collecting new games for the C64 for years. Unfortunately, you can’t always buy all the games that come out because there are just too many. I’ve been following Rogue 64 closely for a long time and it was also my first order from Bitmapsoft.
    The game:
    The music, graphics and gameplay here just all come together very well. I particularly like the minimap for orientation. It’s always fun to start a game because each game is unique (randomly generated).
    The instruction:
    Very colorful and detailed, and the font used is ideal for games of this type. In terms of content, everything you need to know is there.
    The box:
    I was particularly impressed by the box. You can tell that a lot of attention to detail was worked on here. The box is made of really very stable cardboard, which is the first plus point. The box cover is a real eye-catcher and the glitter effect of the diamond significantly enhances the already very nice overall impression. The inside of the box is also well designed. The plastic diamond perfectly matches the design inside. As if the “diamond” was made especially for this game. I was also surprised by the small sword that is in the lower part of the box. Personally I can only say that this box is the nicest one I have in my collection so far. It’s fun just to open them and just look at them.
    Everyone involved in this project did an excellent job. I would like to thank you for that and also that there are people who make it possible for nostalgics like me to buy new games for a 40-year-old computer!

  8. igor.kurtes (verified owner)

    It is really a great game. It is very strategic and interesting. On top of that is a fantastic music which does not get old and I even play it in the background even when I am working. I hope we will get a sequel. Highly recommended!

  9. Martin Furlanič (verified owner)

    Very nice, quite fast, loved it very much … maybe a bit to easy and too short.

  10. Alexander Klock (verified owner)

    Top notch game with a lot of beautiful extras in the box!

  11. Stuart Garnham (verified owner)

    One of the classic examples where sometimes simplicity is the best, easy to control and play, simple to understand but an absolute bugger to beat! When I first got it I went to test it for 10 minutes before putting the little one to bed … she went to bed a lot later than planned!
    Fantastic box art and gifts inside, absolute pleasure to own and play this!

  12. Dan Sanderson (verified owner)

    A fun, casual Rogue-like dungeon adventure in a lavish modern package! Rogue64 features polished music and UI, and simple joystick controls, suitable for showing off your C64 to your friends and family. The Rogue-like model provides excellent replay value in such a small package, a polished mini-game that keeps bringing you back. The Bitmapsoft cartridge makes pick-up-and-play especially satisfying, and the Deluxe Box overflows the game’s lush exterior into the real world with great art, a clever shimmering overlay, a retro manual, and surprising extras.

    It is a small game; don’t expect an Ultima-like amount of depth. The multimedia presentation of the game makes it worth the purchase of a cartridge. I’ll play Rogue64 like I used to play Choplifter: a few minutes at a time, over many play sessions. If they do a sequel with deeper gameplay and story elements, I’d be first in line.

  13. Alexander (verified owner)

    What a great Rogue game for the C64, modern and stylish, well packaged but still – a rogue. An instant classic to me!

  14. John Palermo (verified owner)

    I really love this game so far. I’m glad it was made. It takes me back to a time when playing computer games was simple, but yet fun and challenging. I have yet to really explore all the levels of the game, but I’m really looking forward to the next time I play.

  15. Chad (verified owner)

    Beautiful packaging, especially the lenticular effects.

  16. maurizio (verified owner)

    A truly fantastic package, superb in every detail, for a memorable game

  17. Barry (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with this game! It’s fun and I like the music. The box and cartridge look great too!

  18. chaniyth (verified owner)

    Very fun and engrossing game that will suck you right in. The overall package is professional and fantastic in everyway, the included feelies are also a very nice touch.

  19. Richard Schmidbauer (verified owner)

    Best Box set ever ^^

  20. Richard W. (verified owner)

    Wow the presentation for this game is fantastic. The purple cartridge was the real jewel in the box for me, besides the game of course which is awesome. Looks great on the shelf too. Another Bitmapsoft winner for sure.

  21. Krzysztof Bień (verified owner)

  22. Robbert Jansen (verified owner)

    Rogue64 by BitmapSoft was available for a short while again so I snatched one up.
    Received it today and am amazed by the excellent quality of the box, manual and feelies.
    When it’s available make sure you get a copy, it is very very collection worthy.

    Oh and I love the game!

  23. Martin (verified owner)

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