Chronicles of Nanako


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Bitmap Soft Version Digital Download available after purchase.

These two games are enhanced versions exclusive to Bitmap Soft of the freely available games available from the Mojon Twins

Chronicles of Nanako will be our first physical release, we have teamed up with the immensely talented Mojon Twins to bring you a Double Sided tape with two of their games from their library, Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle and Nanako Descends to Hell.  Both games are fully remastered versions including enhanced gameplay and improved graphics.

The Plot of each Game.

Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle

Nanako embarks on a hunt for clues after the disappearance of her sister, Mya. Stumbling across a track leading to Heún Tower, she soon realises the monolith is guarded by umbrella-like monsters, the Karakasa, who have cornered Mya atop of the structure where she taken temporary refuge. Nanako must scale its heights and solve fiendish puzzles along the way before a terrible fate befalls her sibling.

Nanako Descends to Hell

Nanako thought that her life would be easy after she rescued her younger sister from the Monster Castle. Sadly, when she returned home, she finds her village is under attack, Nanako goes to visit the Oracle, a man of wisdom to ask for his advice. He tells her to venture into the depths of hell and retrieve four pieces of an ancient artifact that will defeat those that attack her village. Of course, hell is not a particularly pleasant place to explore, and there are lots of ghoulish monsters to avoid. However, on your journey you can collect bottles of holy water kill them and help you progress. Tools can also be collected in order to cut down trees and fences.

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