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Gridlock – C64


Developer: Megastyle
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: C64
Media: 5,25″ Diskette

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Bitmap Soft is proud to present the latest game from Megastyle. Gridlock64 is is a fun and addictive puzzle game from the creator of the Mancave – Chris Stanley. Use their combined skills to solve puzzles spread throughout 8 beautifully crafted levels.

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We think this game is aweome but don’t take our word for it, so far it has been awarded the Freeze64 Sizzler award and 91% by ZZap64! and thus the Sizzler award.



 Limited Edition features:-

· Full colour glossy collector’s box.

· Gridlock 64 on 5 1/4 Diskette.

· Full colour user manual.

· Full colour disk sleeve.


**This Limited Edition will not be restocked in its present form, if a reprint is done it will not represent the current product**



You play the part of a trainee paramedic driver on your journey to become fully qualified. To achieve this you must survive 8 full days on the job in order to reach your qualification ceremony on day 9.

Each day is split into 10 emergency ‘Calls’ which you must attend within a set time limit. Allow that time to expire and so will the poor patient! So why are these Calls so difficult and time consuming to attend? Well, thanks to the busiest week that “Killum Hall Hospital” has ever seen, cars and trucks have filled the ambulance bays making a swift exit almost impossible! As the timer ticks relentlessly you must move all the vehicles around in order to release your ambulance and attend the Call as quickly as possible. It may seem easy at first but don’t be deceived, the hospital is getting busier by the day making your task ever harder. All the while those emergency Calls are coming in thick and fast. Are you up to the job?



The game takes the format of a sliding puzzle, the play area consisting of a top-down view of the hospital car park/parking lot, and an exit road. The object of each Call is to get your ambulance to the exit road by moving all the vehicles vertically or horizontally around the play area. If you succeed within the time limit then the game will proceed on to the next Call.

· Addictive Gameplay

· Pal and NTSC compatible

· 0ver 90 Increasing challenging levels




Produced by Megastyle.

Programmed by Chris Stanley

Graphics & Jingles: Roy Widding

Music by LukHash

‘Loader’ picture: Robert Ramsay


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