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Developer: ESP Soft
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: Amstrad 6128
Media: 3″ Disk

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Standard Edition Out Now!

Professional Glossy Box (not numbered)


Data CD

Game Disk

No insert holding all the goodies inside, this was for the Deluxe Edition only

**Red Sunset Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set is NOW SOLD OUT**

We are going to be releasing a STANDARD EDITION of this Game in the next few weeks.

Bitmap Soft in Partnership with ESP Soft brings you this Limited Edition Deluxe Box

This professionally created BIG BOX will blow you away with the stunning Artwork created by industry legend John Blythe.

Inside the box are an A4 poster, stickers, the game on 3″ Disk, and an A5 manual.

What’s more is each box will be NUMBERED from 1 to 50, when they have gone they will be gone.


Year 2125. New Kyoto

As he does every day after school, Takeshi goes home to help his sister Sakura take care of their grandfather’s garden – but today will be very different. As he approaches the garden, Takeshi finds a note nailed to a tree with a knife.

“Sakura is in our power. If you want to see your sister, safe and sound, come to the base of The Red Hand before the sun sets.”

Clenching his fist and letting out a curse, Takeshi hurries quickly across to his grandfather’s hangar.

Takeshi’s grandfather, Akiyama Azama, is a renowned aerospace engineer who, until his retirement, has been involved with some of the most advanced air carrier and space cruiser projects and has two of these advanced ships sitting in his personal hangar. Takeshi knows that in order to get his sister back he is going to need the advanced capabilities of his grandfather’s ships.


Programming: Raúl Simarro
Graphics: Sad1942
Music & Sound effects: McKlain
Cover Illustration: Ricardo Machuca
Box Design: Darren Doyle
Production: Jamie Battison

History & Editing: Litos
Testers: Blackmores y JGonza
Physical Disk Production and Testing: Richard Farrell
Extra contributions of MiguelSky and 6128
English by MiguelSky & Louie Dimovski

Thanks to
targhan/Arkos by Arkos Tracker 2
metalbrain/Antonio Villena by Unexo
Einar Saukas, metalbrain and Antonio Villena by zx7