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Sophia II – ZX Spectrum 128K Only


Developer: Alessandro Grussu
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: ZX Spectrum
Media: Tape

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Two years have passed since Yojar was defeated by Sophia. She was granted by the Emperor the title of Princess of Xixerella and now she rules her small country promoting peace and tolerance. However, people are lately disappearing without trace. Investigations carried out by secret agents establish a connection of this fact with the secretive Society of the Inner Light, behind which an obscure entity known as Grim Reaper hides. He exploits the life force of people by turning them into hideous beasts, to boost his might, as well as to build and supply energy to deadly fighting machines, which he plans to unleash in order to take over the whole Empire. An all-out attack is out of the question, since Imperial forces would risk to be annihilated, thus it is Sophia who has to turn to action. She will have to penetrate the tower where the Society has its seat, crossing a dungeon and an underwater passage, finally confronting the Grim Reaper face to face.

Side B Bonus level: This edition features an exclusive bonus level. Your task, as in the main game, will be to find the four skulls and destroy them.


Game Design: Alessandro Grussu

Cover Art: Ric Lumb

Additional Art: Darren Doyle