All Hallows – ZX Spectrum


Developer: Rucksack Games
Publisher: Bitmap Soft
System: Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Programmed in AGD

Available on back-order

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This is an enhanced version exclusive to Bitmap Soft of the freely available game from Rucksack Games

Bitmap Soft Version Digital Download available after purchase.

The Plot

A thousand years of imprisonment is ending!

You have felt the magic fading for some time. Now is the time for action Pumpkin! A forest spirit you feel its your duty to protect the great forest kingdom from the evil Forest Lord. Trapped within his dark tower by Ancient Sages a thousand years ago. The Moonstones’ magic is fading and only the touch of another magical spirit can re-awaken them.


Please be aware this is a pre-order, approx 2 wks before postage.

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